Our services

Our services range from systems pool inventory documentation, to equipment repair, to calibration and documentation in our own web-based data management system MEDAS. Further core competencies include the design of system management strategies, medical systems planning, the provision of end-to-end service in all technical fields.

Compliance with the relevant local laws (HA, FDA, JCI, ECRI) and manufacturer recommendations
We comply with legal provisions and regulations when documenting system inventory and life cycles, and perform the requisite maintenance works and inspections in a timely manner. All data is transferred to ITRIS Medical’s own and/or your existing IT system.

Calibration, preventive maintenance, repair
Our qualified medical engineers perform the calibration, maintenance and repair of medical devices and systems of all kinds: ranging from simple blood pressure devices, to defibrillators, surgical systems, monitoring and respiratory devices – all the way to complex ultrasound diagnostics systems.

Documentation and inventory documentation
We record all procedures and/or measures, such as device acquisitions and departures, alarm signals and monitoring of devices subject to custody transfer. We allocate these entries to the individual cost centers and then evaluate them from a financial perspective. Thanks to its central database management, ITRIS possesses a comprehensive database of medical devices, which allocates all relevant attributes (classification pursuant to UMDNS, GMDN) to each model/type.

Weak-point analysis, reinvestment planning
The individual evaluations form the basis for weak-point analyses of devices and systems. They inform about functional procedures in maintenance organization and represent upcoming reinvestment requirements in a structured manner. This also allows for an analysis and correction of frequent operator errors.

Quality and risk management
We will gladly consult you on the design of a comprehensive QM system and support you during the certification process. Our main focus in risk management is on electronic systems and business interruption insurance. Even we support our customers for the Audit (HA and JCI) preparation.

Services for medical institutions
We offer our wide-ranging expertise not only to hospitals but also to other types of medical institutions. Our medical engineers visit you at your practice and calibrate your systems and repair any defects.